• Product Category: KONVEYÖR SİSTEMLERİ

Conveyor Systems are one of the most important parts of the lines used in automatic coating plants. Our conveyor systems, which carries the parts to be painted in meters per day and kilometers per year, play an important role.

Heavy parts to be coated are carried by webb conveyors which perform for long years with their long lasting bearings and steel cast chains. It has a wide carrying capacity range starting from 120 kg to 2 tons.

  • Operating principle of this type of conveyors is based on transferring suspended materials by chains and trolleys moving on a NPI profile by the help of a drive unit.
  • WEBB type conveyor chains are made of nodular cast iron or forged steel and subjected to heat treatment afterwards.
  • Special roller bearings used on trolleys are capable of operating at 200 °C. Greasers placed on trolley bodies provide lubrication for the system.
  • The drive system can be built based on either the caterpillar system or the gearwheel system, with safety switches and moving trolleys.
  • Conveyor speed can be easily adjusted by use of a frequency controller.
  • Chain tensioning system consists of skids and springs. Rollers and support wheels are used for band turns.    

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