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Conveyor Systems are one of the most important parts of the lines used in automatic coating plants. Our conveyor systems, which carry the parts to be painted in meters per day and kilometers per year, play an important role.

Power&Free conveyors are a mutli-functional carrying system with the capability of meeting the capacities with the optimum solutions, ability to turn big size parts on the conveyors and availability to load&unload parts on a motionless bar. It is an upto- date solution meeting the needs of the customers by using different automation variants.

Not possible in standard hanger conveyor systems:

  • Automatic stop and start of the system with the support of switches and sensors
  • Transferring the transported material to different directions with the help of the scissors on the rails.
  • Transport at different speeds in different parts of the conveyor
  • You can easily perform its controls with the PLC control system integrated on the system.
  • As long as possible, our designs are made by our expert engineering team with the principle of saving more time for your production, establishing an economical system that requires the least maintenance.

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