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Surface Pretreatment Lines, spraying or dipping type, are designed to provide a pre-paint cleaning process in the best way.

The most suitable surface pretreatment processes such as chromate, bonderite,nano-phosphate, iron-phosphate or zinc phosphate, are projected by our technical team according to your factory conditions.

Our technical project team studies on your project by taking every detail into consideration and calculating with a high precision.
Surface pretreatment line projects have a lot of important technical points such as heating type, heating capacity, water circulation systems, steam absorption systems, preventing the mixing of chemicals and steam between tanks.


Spraying & dipping pretreatment lines
Nano technology lines (Oxsilan, Bonderite, etc.)
Manual Application Booths
Iron phosphating & zinc phosphating lines
Chromating & chrome free lines


Maximum energy save
Minimum chemical and water consumption
Correct engineering
High quality components


Mullti-Treat spray pre-treatment machine is used for surface treatment of materials to be painted. It provides the possibility of working up to 8 different chemicals with tanks in varying numbers according to the process. All tanks are made of 316 SS and isolated. 

According to the process steps, the number of tanks and how many tanks are heated are determined.
The heating inside the tank is provided by gas heat exchangers. The processes can be monitored, times and temperatures of all processes can be adjusted via the Plc touchscreen.
Any failures that may occur in the system can be observed from the electrical panel.

Automatic floats in tanks, stop the system automatically when there is not enough water or chemicals in the tanks and the amount of liquid is automatically supplied by transferring between the tanks and the system is stay safe.

Under all tanks there is leakage pool.Leakage pool has made from 316 SS. Tanks are made of 316 Quality 2 mm Stainless Steel. The material is passed through penetration tests made of argon welded and sealed. The grids inside the tank prevent mud access to the pumps. 

The cabin interior consists of sandwich panels 304 stainless steel and the exterior is made of powder coated sheetiron.
Panel thickness is 80mm. It comes from polyurethane filled stainless steel panels. PPT ring pipes and nozzles provide long life usage.
Thanks to the steam suction fan, vapor diffusion into the working area from the system is prevented. The washing machine doors are container type and they are sealed with silicone gaskets.

The movable washing platform in the cabin moves back and forth through the cabin to wash the materials. The hoses are carried by the mobile carrier system. There are separate pumps for every processes and 1 waste pump for discharging liquids from the tanks. Discharging pump will be connected to chemical discharging tank. 
The machine floor is designed to be inclined towards the pool discharge area.

The discharge valves under the unit, provides automatic discharge to the process tank when the process is applied. Thanks to swivel valve, remained chemical in the ring, flow easily after process finished and no chemical mixture is formed.
There are manual application liquid spray guns for every processes  for manual usage. System has manual mode for pretreatment. Dripping time and process time can adjusted from the PLC panel and dripping time is valid for manual application.  

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