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PROTON Dust Collection Systems are designed for all kinds of applications and appeal to many sectors. By using it in closed areas, in dusty environments, it ensures that the environment is made dust-free and provides a clearer view of the surface, thus increasing the quality of the surface. At the same time, environmentally friendly machines filter the dust in their environment and throw them cleanly into the atmosphere.

The Jet Pulse Filter dust collectors are the most common dust collectors used for eliminating dry particles in general as well as process ventilation air. 

Designed well to attain the maximum functional efficiency, the Jet Pulse Filter presents the reduced cost of maintenance and time. These Jet Pulse dust collectors are used in units for dedusting or in pneumatic transport systems. These dust collectors are also used in removing toxic substances from the working surroundings.

Jet Pulse Filter dust collector can be combined with a mono cyclone in addition to using bag filters or cartridge filters for maximum separation of dust particles, and can be recycled depending on the content of the dust used. Jet pulse units are combined with mono cyclones or multicyclones where powder paint recycling is required. 

The Jet Pulse filter dust collector is created from integrated components that help it regulates while retaining its flexibility in terms of size, material, filter and so on.

Although the filter structure changes according to the granule used, it changes as cartridge or bag filter.

PROTON Dust Collection Machines are also highly productive machine. It is an important machine in terms of both work quality and environmental health.

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