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Sandblasting pots are used for abrasive sandblasting of metal constructions, buildings, bridges, reservoirs, pipes and concrete surfaces, shipbuilding industry, tanks, all steel industry and historical artifacts.

Automatic sandblasting pots allow a safer sandblasting process with hand trigger control system, while at the same time saving you labor. When the trigger is not pressed, there is no sand coming out of the nozzle, thus providing worker safety. In addition, thanks to the automation on the cabin, the sandblasting trigger cannot send a signal to the sandblasting pot when the cabin doors are open. In this way, when the sandblasting cabin doors are open, the trigger will be inoperative and sandblasting will not be possible.

We produce pots with different capacities from 15 LT to 8000 LT.

Standard Blasting Pot Sets are shipped with the Following Equipment.

  • 1 pc Sand Regulating Valve
  • 1 pc Remote Control Valve
  • 1 pc Quick Silencer
  • 1 pc Water Trap Regulator
  • 1 pc Remote Control Handle
  • 1 pc Sand Flow Diverter "Y" Fittings
  • 1 Set of Barbed Fittings
  • 20 Meters 1 "Sandblasting Hose
  • 40 Meters Pneumatic Twin Hose
  • 1 pc 8 mm Venturi Nozzle
  • 1 pc 39 mm Nozzle Holder (MHE-1)
  • 1 pc Sandblasting Mask
  • 1 pc Chamois Sandblasting Bag
  • 1 pc 2 Outlets Air Stand
  • 20 m Breathing Air Hose and Connection Jacks







Machine Capacity

15 L

45 L

100 L

200 L


711 mm

1061 mm

1061 mm

1346 mm


254 mm

357 mm

508 mm

610 mm


35 kg

100 kg

140 kg

150 kg


Smallest in our range. İdeal for glass etching and general maintenance. Easily can transported. Has a blast time 10-15 minutes.

With a continuous blast time of 20 - 25 minutes, this machine is ideal for small to medium contractors, who need mobility yet high production is required.

This machine is designed for the medium contractor who need higher production rates. It has a continuous blastime of 35-40 minutes.

The largest machine of our standart range - also the contractor's choice. This machine offers a continuous blast time of 45-50 mins. Ideal for shipyards, oil refineries, gas and heavy fabrication industries.


This machine is a sandblasting machine preferred in shipyards and construction sites for jobs that require multiple operations. 

According to preference, 2-3-4-5-6 operators can operate at the same time. Special valves are used that every operator can use safely.


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